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About Us

Shenzhen Microcosm Controller Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on cleaning and protecting the operated objectives under special working environment. It strictly controls the working environment and the pollutant source and stops the operated objectives as much as possible from being contaminated by dirt particle, bacteria contamination, static mischief, discomfort because
of warmness and dampness and so on.


We contribute ourselves to all kinds of clean and sterile environment, anti-static control fields, such as microelectronic industry, biology, LCD, optics apparatus, semiconductor, iatrology, food and so on.


We pursue predomination, people foremost and customer oriented and supply perfect service.


To serve our clients better, based on ten years of experience and resources in cleanroom and antistatic industry, we set up a new business department of wireless communication device, can provides full solutions from product planning, concept design to sophisticated software, hardware and design, striving to become a leading company of IOT.