IPA Filled Reservoir Handle Snap Swab 
  Part Number : IPASS-3.0 ( Size: 3.0’’)
Part Number : IPASS-4.5 ( Size: 4.5’’)
100 ppi, Open Cell Polyurethane Rectangular Foam Tipped.
Non Abrasive.
Typical Applications:
1. Computer Keyboards.
2. Optical and Magnetic Head Devices.
3. Electronic Components.
The Plastic Handle on these Swab are filled with 99.9% IPA Solution, simply squeeze or snap the plastic handle and the foam Head becomes saturated with the right amount of Cleaning Solution. Clean the thermal print head by using a back and fourth motion to effectively remove dirt and debris accumulated on the print head thus extending the life of the print head and maintaining a readable image.
Microcosm Controller Cleaning Card
ReaderGuard Cleaning Card CR80
Part Number : CRCC-CR80
Product Specification :
1. Card Material : Spunlace / Plastic Core / Spunlace
2. Card Dimension : 2.1 x 3.345 x 0.028 (Inches)  Tolerance +/- 0.002”
3. Corner Radius: 4 Sides.
4. Paper Pouch Size: 83 x 114 (mm)
5. Solution Content: 99.9% IPA
6. IPA Volume: 1.0 + 0.25 ml   
Card Readers require preventative maintenance for keeping the Magnetic Heads clean and debris free from contamination build up. Pre-saturated Cleaning cards are a cost effective way to maintain your card readers and increase the service life of the magnetic heads.   Applications:
- All Card Readers.
- ATM/POS Terminals.
- Petroleum Pumps.
- ID Printers
- Optical/Barcode.
- Hotel Doorlock.
- Slot/Vending Machine.
Currency Counter Cleaning Card
Dimension :156mm×77mm×0.3mm
Money is inherently dirty and these dirt particles will build up on currency counter feed rollers. This cleaning card cleans and lubricates the feed rollers of the currency counter. The new Waffletechnology™ currency counter cleaning card cleans in between the rollers removing more dirt and debris from the currency feed path. The raised cleaning waffles reach the bill recognition lenses removing dirt that clouds the currency counters ability to distinguish the number of bills and their denominations.
  Check Scanner Cleaning Card
MICR / Check Reader Cleaning Card
Available Size:
2.5” x 6.0” x 0.012’’  or 63.5 x 152.4 x 0.305 (mm)
4.375” x 8.0” x 0.012’’ or 111.13 x 203.20 x 0.305 (mm) 
This preventive maintenance cleaning card is design to clean successfully as it transports through the paper path cleaning the sensitive Magnetic Heads, Lens, Transport Rollers. Cleaning cards have been embraced by OEM's to provide a positive cleaning performance and extending the overall life of the check scanner.
    Thermal Printer Cleaning Card 
we can also provide below sizes:
4”x6”       10.16 x 152.4mm
8”x6”       203.2 x 152.4mm
2.5”x6”     63.5 x 152.4mm
2.25”x6”    57.15 x 152.4mm
2.125”x6”   53.975 x 152.4mm
2.0”x6”     50.8 x 152.4mm
Thickness available: 0.3mm to 1.0mm
  Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards were developed to provide a preventive maintenance cleaning to remove dirt and debris from print heads. By cleaning your Thermal Printer on a regular basis you are maintaining the print image, extending the life of the print head and will have accurate and readable print/barcode images. Cleaning Card width should be determined by the maximum width of your thermal print head.
Microcosm controller Zebra P330i & P120i Cleaning Kits
     IPA snap swabs                 T-shape short cleaning card         T-shape long cleaning card            T-shape long cleaning card